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We've been serving Livonia for more than 30 years. Whether you're looking for a specific book or you just want to browse, we are your go-to bookstore.

The Trade Policy

Bring books in for trade and you can get up to 60% off our used paperbacks.  Scroll down for more information.

All The Other Awesome Stuff

We've got so much more: gift cards, book clubs, educator discounts- check it out! (just keep scrolling...)


Trade Policy

Here's How It Works

1) Bring your books in. Make sure they aren't torn, dirty, or outdated (no encyclopedias, textbooks, 2012 computer manuals or magazines, thank you). 

2) While you shop, we'll go through them. You get 20% of the paperback's worth which goes into your account; when you want to buy a used paperback, that 20% comes off .

EXAMPLE: You trade in a $10 book. 

Then, you buy a (used) $10 book.

  • The original retail price was.. $10.00
  • ...then our price is...                 $6.00 (40 % off)
  • MINUS your trade credit        -$2.00 (20 % more off)
  • Your final cost is                       $4.00 (60 % OFF!)

Please keep in mind that all credit can be used on store merchandise only- we do not pay cash for books. Even if you have a large trade credit balance, the books are NOT FREE. You will always pay something- neither the landlord nor the IRS accepts books as form of payment (!).

3) When you're done shopping, come up to the counter and buy your books at a discount. ! Our computer system will keep track of the titles you buy so you won't buy them again (the "oops" factor) AND for every 30 books you buy you get one used book FREE.

How to Read...the price stickers at The Books Connection

We sell new and used books.

Blue dot= new book, 10% off retail 

Orange dot= 20% off

Yellow dot= 30% off

Used paperbacks= 40% off the original retail. Don't want to do math? It's written in pencil on the corner of the first page. Bring in trades and get an additional 20 % off.

-minimum price is $2.95 without trade credit, $1.95 with trade credit

Used hardcovers= usually priced $6 - $8. Since they are already marked anywhere from 50- 75% off you don't use your trade credit on these

The Other Awesome Stuff

Your Own Computer Account


Ever buy a book twice by mistake? Register with us and our software system will flag a book that you've bought before. It will also keep track of how many books you buy (buy 30 books and get a free used book). AND- if you're looking for a book but will wait for it used, we can reserve it for you- the next time it's turned in, we'll contact you. Ahhh!!!

Gift Cards


A favorite with our regulars, we offer gift cards of any amount, but if you purchase one for $30 or more we add $5 on FREE. If you're buying for yourself (and many of us do, but we won't tell) we can put the money directly into your account, so you don't have to worry about hanging onto a plastic gift card.  And, friends and family can call us toll free (1-877-268-3387) and buy you a gift card, no shipping or handling, without ever leaving their house. It's an awesome present!

Mailing and Concierge Service (!)


Short on time? We ship, too! USPS Priority- "If it fits, it ships!" and you'll have it in no time. We'll pull books for you too- email or call us with a list and we can do the legwork. We'll even give recommendations, because, well, we do have 50+ years of bookselling experience. !

Educator Discounts


Educators (including teachers, librarians and home schoolers) receive an extra 10% off any new books they buy, as well as an automatic 60% off used paperbacks (no trade credit needed). We love connecting kids to great books at a great price.

Michigan Mints


If you've never had Hanover chocolate, you  don't know what you're missing. Made here in St. Johns, we offer 5 flavors: mint in milk, dark, or white chocolate, and Michigan Cherry (in milk or dark chocolate). The perfect ratio of chocolate-to-mint, and the chocolate cherry is like a wonderfully mild chocolate-covered cherry.  Trust us- we've done extensive taste tests.



We've got a knitting club (Novels and Needles) who meet every second Tuesday night (6:00 pm) of the month, and our regular Book Club who meet the 4th Tuesday night of the month. Call us for upcoming reads, or better yet, join us!